Integrated Annual Report

2022 main actions and KPIs

Carried out the last actions regarding the Cellnex COVID-19 Relief Initiative 2020-2022

Cellnex Foundation launched the second edition of the Cellnex Bridge program

Human Rights Policy updated and publication of the first report on Human Rights Due Diligence Assessment in 2022

Cellnex collaborated with small entities through the contribution of economic, technical or human resources

Cellnex Italy participated in the Y-med Program organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Socio-economic impact calculation extended to all the Business Units

The Cellnex Foundation has launched its first own projects

  • €100,000 donated to Polish associations for supporting Ukraine
  • From the 51 startups applications for the II edition Cellnex Bridge 6 were selected for the programme
  • 150 volunteers and 1,122 students participated in the Youth Challange 2021-2022
  • Cellnex had a socio-economic contribution in the countries analysed of €7,266Mn in terms of GDP
  • The total employment generated by Cellnex in the countries analysed in 2022 was of 70,260 jobs (direct, indirect and induced)

Next steps for the upcoming years

Develop the second technology camp to boost the economy and develop digital skills in rural areas.

Continue collaborating with social entities to develop joint programmes to reduce the social, territorial and rural divide

Launch the third edition of the Cellnex Bridge programme

Roll out volunteer programmes in more countries where Cellnex is present

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