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3.6 Safety and well-being at our core

“The well-being site is a powerful tool with very interesting and useful content. It provides excellent support to increase the well-being of the company's employees and a learning and improvement opportunity for the management of employee well-being. It is undoubtedly a programme that will help people and teams at Cellnex Telecom”

Ana Serrano, Health & Safety project manager  - Cellnex Corporate

Well-being at Cellnex

Cellnex cares about and safeguards the health and well-being of all its employees, by guaranteeing great workplaces and the best working conditions. The company designs human-centric workplaces where employees feel that the company provides several dimensions of care through a single model for everybody, based on culture, behaviour and leadership with the support of a well-being platform.

Cellnex strives to provide excellent working conditions and development opportunities, promoting the general health and well-being of its people. The Well-Being Model takes four dimensions of health into account: physical, emotional, intellectual and social

Well-being related benefits

Some of the most relevant policies and initiatives are shown below:

  • Hybrid working policy.
  • Digital disconnection policy.
  • Annual paid leave.
  • Days off from work for illness or personal reasons.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Parental leave policies and supporting resources, including guidance on the positive health impacts of parental leave.
  • Baby Friendly Company seal: supporting members of the team who are going to be mothers or fathers. When they receive the good news, they are given a complete guide to pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum life, and a complete baby box when the child is born.

Following the results of the employee survey, a global annual programme was developed and implemented in 2022 within the corporate well-being platform available in all the countries. This global programme has launched over 30 actions and initiatives in a variety of formats such as videos, posts, infographics, webinars and workshops with a special focus on the dimensions of emotional and physical well-being.


Total attendees

Emotional Well-being


Physical Well-being


In addition, Cellnex has continued expanding the Employee Assistance Programme, which is available to 100% of employees in all countries and is designed to provide support and advice on various issues (emotional, family, social, etc.), in a setting that is always private and confidential.

Country well-being initiatives

Cellnex Spain

Corporate wellness service: offering access to over 2,000 sports centres, multiple outdoor activities and more online training channels, available to all employees in Spain. In 2022, the number of employees who are active in this service doubled compared to 2021, with almost 11% of the target workforce currently benefiting from physical activity.

Cellnex Poland

MultiSport Card: offering access to over 2,500 sports centres, outdoor activities and online offers, such as consultation with nutrition experts, dietary advice, yoga training, access to health articles and diet food. It is subsidised by the employer from the social fund.

Cellnex Sweden

Cellnex Sweden has an agreement with Feelgood Health Provider Company as a Health and Safety Partner.

Cellnex Netherlands

At Cellnex Netherlands  employees benefit from an individual allowance to promote participation in sport and foster well-being (e.g. gym subscriptions  sports clubs  sporting gear  etc.).

Breast cancer prevention talk at Cellnex headquarters

As part of the company’s well-being programme, employees at Cellnex headquarters had the opportunity to learn much more about breast cancer issues thanks to a conference with Dr Isaac Cebrecos, a specialist in Gynaecology at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona.

Cellnex United Kingdom

Cellnex UK has Mental Health First Aiders across all office locations to provide guidance to help in mental health situations.

Moreover, Cellnex UK works with 'Everymind at Work', running a range of initiatives such as webinars and links to podcasts related to mental health in the workplace, and all employees have access to the Calm app, which guides meditations and offers wisdom-filled masterclasses led by experts, and much more.

All the offices have a wellness room, complete with a medication fridge, women's wellness packs, prayer mats and yoga mats (for physio or stretching).

Health and Safety at Cellnex

By ensuring Health and Safety at work, Cellnex contributes to sustainable development, respecting the health and safety of its employees in the workplace in a way that is consistent with the Company's purpose, values, goals and strategy. 

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is one of the strategic priorities included in Cellnex's ESG commitments.

Cellnex's Health and Safety Policy sets out specific commitments grouped into nine work streams. Through them, Cellnex endeavours to ensure health and safety at its workplaces, through its dedication to building and maintaining a culture of awareness, prevention and constant improvement.

Health and Safety certifications

Since 2021, Cellnex has designed, developed, and rolled out a complete OHS ISO 45001-based documentation scheme, in accordance with the IMS Certification Roadmap, including over 40 global procedures, guides and templates necessary to manage the main OHS processes across the countries.

In 2022 the new business units included in the scope of the Group ISO 45001 were Poland and the United Kingdom. The inclusion of these new countries in the global certification, along with local certifications, makes a total of nine countries certified in this standard, to which new countries will be added until the entire geography where Cellnex operates is covered.

In those countries that have ISO 45.0001, 100% of employees are covered by the management system. Additionally, at Cellnex Spain, 100% of subcontracted companies are also covered by the ORP management system. In the case of Cellnex France, there are 115 subcontracted people who are also under the ORP management system. In the case of Cellnex Italy there are 14 subcontracted people, in Cellnex Switzerland 10, 15 in Cellnex Netherlands and Cellnex Austria, and in Cellnex Poland there are 118 external people. In case of Denmark and Sweden there are 5 people and in Cellnex Portugal and Cellnex United Kingdom, 100% of subcontracted people who work at Cellnex sites are covered by the ORP management system.

Well and Leed

To demonstrate its firm commitment to designing great workplaces with the best working conditions, Cellnex has obtained the LEED Gold Certification and is working to obtain the WELL Certification in 2022 for its corporate headquarters in Barcelona (Spain). Cellnex also expects to roll out the same certification scheme for more workplaces where the Group operates over 2023.

Country H&S initiatives

Some of the most relevant health and safety measures are as follows

Cellnex Austria

An email address has been created, and circulated to employees, for any issues relating to health and safety and to workplace safety (complaints, questions or proposals), which are handled by the legal department and an H&S representative.

Cellnex Denmark and Cellnex Sweden

Cellnex Denmark and Sweden employees can use a whistleblowing function on the intranet to report work-related hazards and hazardous issues.

Cellnex Ireland

Safety law in Ireland prevents penalisation of workers who report unsafe conditions or make representations about safety matters. In this regard, Cellnex Ireland employees have been trained in risk assessments under the Cellnex Ireland safety management system. They are aware that they must work within the procedures set out in the system and are authorised to make site-based decisions to decline work that they believe to be unsafe.

Cellnex Italy

At Cellnex Italy  workers use a specific application to compile checklists reporting any non-conformities (NC) found at technical sites, and they take action directly with the suppliers for resolution. The NCs and the closing of them are transmitted and monitored by the Prevention and Protection Service (SPP) which, in the event of serious situations, indicates the prevention and protection measures to be prepared.

Cellnex United Kingdom

A comprehensive incident reporting tool is in place for all employees and suppliers, and a Risk Control Assessment process is in place to identify all the causes, along with a process to implement further controls to prevent reoccurrence.

Health and Safety Master Plan 2021-2022

The Cellnex 2021-2022 Health and Safety Master Plan, applicable to all Cellnex companies, seeks to foster and protect the health and well-being of all Cellnex personnel, provide a safe and healthy working environment and ensure the safety of the employees and people present in its facilities.

As part of this two-year master plan, 14 actions were launched in 2021 and were closed with a compliance level of over 80% in the course of the first year.  In addition, 13 new actions were launched with an average level of achievement of over 95%. These 14 actions were grouped into five initiatives that contribute to the roll-out of the nine strategic lines of global H&S policy.

These initiatives are:

  • Take Care, focusing on H&S awareness and training.
  • Operational Control, focusing on planning, assessment and risk control.
  • H&S Engagement, focused on developing a common preventive culture.
  • Well-being Project, to achieve higher levels of occupational well-being and sustainability.
  • Global Mobility, to raise awareness about the prevention of traffic accidents and improve workers' mobility.

In 2023, the scope and content of the current Master Plan will be reviewed in line with the company's ESG strategy.


2021 Planned Action performance

2022 Planned Action performance

Take Care



Operational Control



H&S Engagement



Well-being Project



Global Mobility






Global Mobility

Cellnex has a firm commitment to sustainability and employees' modes of travel and work-related mobility can have a major impact on this. Therefore, in 2022 the company initiated the development of Mobility Plans for various workplaces to improve mobility and encourage people to use other means of transport as an alternative to private vehicles. This will also allow Cellnex to focus on principles such as safety, efficiency and social equity.

Over the course of 2022, the roadmap for implementation was defined and all the countries received specific guidance and methodology to enable them to develop and implement their own Mobility Plans, adapted to their specific circumstances, with the aim of ensuring safe and sustainable mobility for all Cellnex employees and visitors.

Accident Rates and Absenteeism

Cellnex has defined a set of Occupational Health and Safety Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and currently operates them through a corporate platform. As such, a campaign is launched every quarter to collect all the metrics established in this model.

The main internal accident rates for 2022, including Injury Accident Frequency Rate, Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate and Injury Rate are three to four times lower than the industry benchmarks. In addition, there were no occupational illnesses, as occurred in previous years. 

Road accidents are also identified as one of the main types of accidents. To reduce their impact, Cellnex has carried out awareness campaigns to promote efficient, responsible and safe driving for staff.

The total number of absenteeism hours for the entire Group was 140,009 in 2022 (103,795 hours in 2021).

Communication and Training

Cellnex is committed to boosting its talent by respecting the health and safety of its employees at their workplace, using communication to promote and adopt good practices.  the aim of promoting a culture of prevention and ensuring that all Cellnex employees have the necessary tools and information on Health and Safety, Cellnex offers health and safety training in the workplace.

In 2022, the total number of hours of training in occupational risk prevention and occupational safety was 10,985 (9,072 in 2021)

Cellnex creates work environments that comply with its excellence levels by making everyone aware of their roles, responsibilities and obligations by:

  • Designing, planning and supporting the implementation of awareness campaigns and incentive programmes on cultural engagement with OHS.
  • Providing suitable communication channels for anyone to report situations where the safety of personnel may be at risk.

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