Integrated Annual Report

1.1 Purpose and Values

Cellnex purpose:
endless opportunities to bring the world closer through telecom connectivity

Connectivity is key to helping humanity succeed in the 21st century. Cellnex, as an independent infrastructure operator, has the goal to create an efficient, neutral, quality telecommunications platform with innovative management to drive digitalisation in Europe.

Digital revolution has redefined the way humans connect. Through connectivity, we can share the ideas that define our world today and will shape the world of tomorrow. Connectivity empowers people. That is why, Cellnex stands for breaking barriers, from rural villages to big cities, from small, countryside schools to large, global tech corporations. Because new solutions are only enabled by creating opportunities for different people, cultures, and territories to connect.

Together with its customers, Cellnex shortens distances to ensure equal opportunities for people to connect and contribute to solutions for the challenges ahead. Cellnex aims to create value for society, its customers, its shareholders and every stakeholder group through an ethical attitude based on tolerance, respect and cooperation under Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

Cellnex purpose: endless opportunities to bring the world closer through telecom connectivity. To this end, Cellnex has defined the values that govern the company.

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