Integrated Annual Report

4.1 Social contribution

Cellnex analyses, measures and manages the impacts the Company creates in the environment where it operates

Commitment to Society

Cellnex is committed to contributing to society by providing its knowledge and technology, working with charities, financing projects and volunteering. In this regard, Cellnex analyses, measures and manages the impacts the Company creates in the environment where it operates.

A line of action was established in Cellnex's ESG Master Plan, focusing on “Being a facilitator of social progress”, to increase Cellnex's contribution to society by financing or co-financing activities and programmes and developing a variety of educational, social and cultural projects.

Cellnex COVID-19 Relief Initiative 2020-2022

In 2020, in response to the global COVID-19 crisis and as part of its social commitment, Cellnex developed the "Cellnex COVID-19 Relief Initiative 2020-2022", a €10 million fund to support national and international organisations and projects that help minimise the health, economic and social impact of the crisis.

One of the keys to tackling COVID-19 is to fully understand the immune status of the population against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the specific role of this immunity, that is, the type of immunity and its duration. That is why half of the €10 million fund has been allocated to finance research carried out by a

European consortium of hospitals led by the Clínic-IDIBAPS and the Banc de Sang i Teixits de Barcelona, with the participation of IISGM-Gregorio Marañón University Hospital in Madrid, IRST-IRCCS in Meldola, INSERM-U1183 in Montpellier and IRCCS-Hospital San Raffaele in Milan. The goal of the project is to measure the cellular response capacity of the immune system against SARS-CoV-2 by detecting and obtaining T lymphocytes that can act to combat COVID-19 in its various stages.

The other half of the fund has been allocated to social action projects with non-governmental organisations to help people and groups in vulnerable situations, help finance the purchase of personal protection equipment and provide resources for the most vulnerable groups.

Cellnex also cooperated in the design and deployment of ventilators for ICUs, to alleviate to the fullest extent possible the shortage of this key equipment to combat the pandemic. Cellnex's contribution was to provide real-time communication with the ventilators and data presentation on its SmartBrain platform. This solution allows patients to be monitored continuously, without healthcare workers having to go near hospitalised patients, helping to reduce the risk of infection.









Cellnex Spain

Save the Children works to give millions of children the opportunity to be what they want to be today and to dream of what they will be tomorrow. Cellnex took part in the "Impulse" project, consisting of educational intervention programmes through remote learning support by providing technological tools (internet connection, distribution of tablets, etc.), focusing in particular on young people in vulnerable situations.

The Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Foundation is committed to improving the living conditions and education of vulnerable children in Latin America. Cellnex made a financial contribution to cover the refurbishment of two housing facilities for children in Haiti.

UNICEF works for all children around the world to be able to enjoy their childhood without concern. They defend the rights of children above all else in 190 countries, with passion, dedication and diligence. Cellnex has worked with UNICEF Spain to help provide equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine in low and middle-income countries through the COVAX mechanism, led jointly by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance for Vaccination (GAVI) and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) with UNICEF as a key deployment partner.

The Spanish Red Cross is a humanitarian, voluntary and public interest institution, part of the impartial worldwide humanitarian organisation, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Cellnex works with the 'Cruz Roja Reacciona' plan; a direct, immediate, focused response to crisis to meet the growing needs of the vulnerable population.

Caritas Spain is the official confederation of social and charitable action organisations of the Catholic Church in Spain. The Caritas network in Spain is made up of 70 diocesan offices and more than 6000 parish Caritas centres. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the network of diocesan Caritas organisations has been committed to supporting the most disadvantaged communities in the face of the social and health crisis caused by COVID-19. Cellnex contributes towards this goal by providing financial resources for the campaigns run by Càritas Catalunya and Cáritas Diocesana de Madrid to alleviate the effects of the crisis.

The Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) is a non-political and non-denominational organisation, founded in 1995, which promotes the work, image and profile of associated Food Banks in their actions against hunger, poverty and food waste. Cellnex has made a financial contribution to FESBAL and sponsors "Calle Cellnex" (Cellnex Street) at the central warehouse of the Madrid Food Bank.

Kids Corona is a platform promoted by the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital Foundation in Barcelona to understand whether children have any natural protection against COVID-19, and how the disease affects pregnant women. Cellnex made a financial contribution to Kids Corona to provide an open access platform for researchers from around the world, health professionals and the general public.

Cellnex France

Emmaüs Connect is an organization that focuses on the digital inclusion of the most vulnerable groups.

Cellnex France and Emmaüs Connect have formed a two-year partnership project (sept. 2020 to sept. 2022) to work towards the digital inclusion of the most vulnerable groups. It has resulted in the organisation of 100 workshops on computer literacy, set up 100 services to help people get connected, accompany 100 beneficiaries through an educational programme and contributed to the opening of a new reception point.

Cellnex Ireland

Williams Syndrome Ireland: Williams Syndrome (WS) is a genetic condition present at birth that can affect anyone. The charity provides much-needed support and information to the families and individuals affected by WS as they navigate their way through life.

Down Syndrome Ireland provides support and services to children and adults with Down Syndrome, helping them reach their potential in live.

BUMBLEance was set up in 2013 to help children with serious and life limiting conditions travel to and from their hospital appointments and respite centres. It has all the amenities of a regular ambulance but it includes the all-important extras to make a sick child’s journey as safe, comfortable and entertaining as possible

Penny Dinners Cork provides daily hot meals to those in need in Cork city.

DSCPA rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sick, injured and cruelly treated animals.

Cancer Fund for Children, a team of specialists providing a wide range of practical, financial and emotional support services to families affected by cancer, at home, in hospital and in their social environment.

Cellnex Italy

Banco Alimentare supports the least privileged members of society from a social, economic, environmental and educational perspective. Banco Alimentare supplies food to charitable organisations, which in turn distribute it to people in need. It also promotes and carries out activities focused on educating people on the importance of valuing food and avoiding waste, as well as raising awareness on issues of poverty, food poverty, healthy diet and volunteering.

A financial contribution was also made to other institutions such as Associazione Peter Pan, LAD Cure & Care and LAD Onlus, which both provide accommodation and psychological and medical support for children suffering from cancer, to Lega Italiana Contro l'Epilessia, to the Lega del Filo d'Oro, which supports deaf-blind children and teenagers, and to the Race for the Cure (Susan G. Komen for the Cure Italy).

Cellnex Netherlands

Armoede Fonds is a poverty fund set up in 2013 that provides financial support to local aid organisations so that they can continue their vital work for people living in poverty. The fund has more than 16,000 donors, providing a stable funding base for these local organisations to organise activities such as summer camps for children, sports activities and help for families in need to buy fruit and vegetables.

National Ouderen Fonds (National Fund for the Elderly) is devoted to all elderly people in the Netherlands. It offers all kinds of activities for people to get to know each other so that everyone has the opportunity to age actively. Its pillars are: active ageing, inspiring an age-friendly environment and combating loneliness.

Oranje Fonds (The Orange Fund) is the largest Dutch fund in the social field. Created in 2002, after merging with the Koningin Juliana Fonds, which was created in 1948, it focuses on projects that ensure that everyone can participate in society. Support is given in the form of money, knowledge and attention.

Cellnex United Kingdom

Sea Cadets is an organisation that works with 15,000 young people aged 10-18 in the UK. It has 400 local units with over 9,000 volunteers who enable the "cadets" to join in activities that allow them to explore the world, take a break from screens and have role models. The platform they offer is built on the customs, traditions and values of the Royal Navy: courage, commitment, discipline, respect, integrity and honesty. Cellnex provides financial support for youth training programmes in areas such as maritime engineering, meteorology and navigation developed by the Sea Cadets across 69 local units in the southern area of England.

UK Community Foundations is a charity leading a movement of community foundations committed to positive social change in the UK through the development of "community philanthropy". Cellnex made a donation that has been distributed to six community foundations tackling digital exclusion in their communities.

Cellnex Poland

Federacja Polskich Banków Żywności (Federation of Polish Food Banks) is a public benefit organisation whose mission is to prevent food from going to waste and provide food to support those most in need. The Federation is a network of 32 Food Banks that operates year-round under the Food Aid Operational Programme and collects donations from food producers and retailers and from farmers. Food is donated to partner organisations across the country.

Cellnex Switzerland

Médecins Sans Frontières was founded in Paris in 1971 by a group of journalists and doctors. Today they are a worldwide movement of approximately 65,000 people. Médecins Sans Frontières provides medical assistance to victims of conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters or exclusion from health care. Its teams are made up of tens of thousands of health professionals, logisticians and administrative staff, united by its charter. Their actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of impartiality, independence and neutrality. It is a non-profit, autonomous organisation, beholden to its members.

Cellnex Portugal

Assistência Médica Internacional (AMI) was founded in 1984 with people as the driving force behind its activities. Since 1987, it has worked in 82 countries around the world and has sent hundreds of volunteers and tonnes of aid. AMI is aware of the realities of life in Portugal and has expanded its scope of action since 1994 to do everything possible to reduce the effects caused by the phenomenon of poverty and social exclusion in the country. At the beginning of the pandemic, AMI created an aid campaign called "Os amigos são para as ocasiões" to increase support for the elderly and other at-risk groups, such as cancer patients, people affected by HIV, diabetics, single-parent families and other cases of social isolation. Cellnex contributes to the cost of parcels of essential products that will be distributed to the target audience of this initiative.

Rede de Emergência Alimentar is an organisation that aims is to deliver food to those in need, supporting people who have limited financial resources and are unable to afford food, which is usually distributed through social action.

Casa dos Rapazes is an institution that takes in children and young people in precarious family situations. Casa dos Rapazes used to have a car for use by the team (visiting young people's families, going to court, etc.) and to transport the young people (school visits and extracurricular activities). This car broke down during the pandemic due to intensive use, so it needed replacing. Cellnex contributed to the purchase of a new car, along with support for its activity.

Terra dos Sonhos is an institution that helps chronically ill children, young adults in institutional care and adults with cancer issues. During the pandemic, its activity was essential, especially its programmes promoting the mental and emotional well-being of particularly vulnerable groups such as children and young people with serious illnesses, cancer patients and health professionals.

Hunger does not go on holidays campaign, consists of collecting non-perishable food for later delivery to the Food Banks of Lisbon and Porto. This campaign ran from the 20th of July to the 5th of August 2022 and employees participated by giving their contribution in the boxes that were in the office for this purpose.

Cellnex is donating €100,000 to Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and Fundacja Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM).

Help for Ukraine

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Cellnex has financially supported both emergency aid for refugees, such as evacuations of people and humanitarian convoys, and long-term assistance: help finding long-term accommodation, activities to provide free medical care for those in need, support in accessing education and the Polish labour market, and psychological and legal assistance.

As such, the donation made to Hotel Ossa gave support to provide for 1,600 Ukrainian orphans from Odessa and Kharkiv and operate accommodation points in the city of Lublin for Ukrainian refugees.

Moreover, Cellnex’s employees decided to use part of their salaries to help Ukraine and Cellnex matched the total amount raised in every country. In total, Cellnex is donating €100,000 to Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and Fundacja Polskie Centrum Pomocy Międzynarodowej (PCPM).

Cellnex working with foundations

Working with the ESADE Foundation: Cellnex has signed a partnership agreement with the ESADE Foundation, associated with one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe, to contribute to its Scholarship Fund to cover scholarships for two ESADE students during the academic years 2020-21 to 2023-2024. Cellnex's involvement in this programme is driven by the company's commitment to contributing towards the progress of society by training young people. With the “Cellnex scholarship”, the company joins ESADE's endeavour to promote equal opportunities and inclusion, removing all economic barriers to training for young people.

Partnership with the BEST Foundation: Cellnex has renewed its commitment to the Barcelona Engineering and Economic Studies project. This inter-university degree offered by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Barcelona Global and FemCat aims to train highly skilled engineers to address the challenges of a continuously changing society and equip professionals who are interested in business leadership.

IESE Foundation: Cellnex has been a sponsor company since 2017 and is involved in various projects run by the Public Sector-Private Sector Centre at the IEEE Business School.

Other social initiatives

In 2022 Cellnex developed several social initiatives, including:

  • Magic Line Sant Joan de Déu: the Magic Line is a charity walk organised by Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital to support vulnerable families. The slogan for the 2022 Magic Line was "Som el que compartim" (We are what we share) and all the proceeds were directed to social projects. Cellnex Volunteers encouraged Cellnex employees to take part in a family solidarity activity on 20 March 2022.
  • Hunger doesn't take a holiday: While thousands of people are packing their suitcases for a summer getaway after more than a year of restrictions due to the pandemic, another part of the population is still severely affected by the economic crisis, so neighbourhood associations, foundations and charities are asking for more donations to fill their pantries because "hunger doesn't take a holiday". In 2022, Cellnex continued with this online solidarity initiative for the third year in response to the challenges that the pandemic continues to create and the unprecedented current situation. As part of the initiatives of the Cellnex Foundation Volunteer Programme, a number of online donation campaigns were proposed to support several organisations that help those who need it most.
  • La Gran Recogida: Once again this year, Cellnex employees participated in the food collection campaign organised by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).

Cellnex Poland sponsors the Office Developer of the Year Award

Cellnex Poland sponsored Eurobuild CEE magazine's Office Developer of the Year Award. The Eurobuild Awards are particularly important for Cellnex Poland, because they recognise the importance in today's world of ensuring the right level of comfort, safety and connectivity in the office.

Cellnex UK contributes to Connecting Communities

Through a donation to EECF’s digital inclusion partnership programme, Connecting Communities, Cellnex has provided 20 families with a device, online training and broadband connection. In doing so, Cellnex is addressing the growing challenge of digital exclusion experienced by low-income families in Tower Hamlets.

Cellnex Portugal sponsors the APDC Cities & Territories Award

Cellnex Portugal sponsored the APDC Cities & Territories Award in the Economic Development category. This initiative aims to recognise innovative urban projects developed by public or private companies, and by ST&I (Science, Technology & Innovation) organisations, to transform cities into more sustainable and inclusive spaces. The Managing Director of Cellnex Portugal, Nuno Carvalhosa, sat on the award jury for this category, reaffirming Cellnex's commitment to urban renewal and building the cities of the future.



Cellnex Netherlands raises money to combat cancer

With the opening of the Cellnex Telecommunications and Data Tower in Hoogersmilde, Alpe d'HuZes 'Team 3 Little Birds' has managed to raise €10,000 to combat cancer by selling 1000 tickets and merchandising.

Cellnex Italy sponsors Buonissimi 2022

Cellnex Italy sponsored Buonissimi 2022, the charity event devised and promoted by the Paediatric Oncology and Neuroblastoma Association OPENOdv to support paediatric cancer research.

“Cellnex’s Get Connected aims to improve mobile coverage in rural areas across Ireland by empowering local communities to step forward and request a review of their existing coverage. Working together with the community, we deploy new infrastructure where it's required, helping to transform the lives of those living in the areas”

Sinead Kavanagh, Commercial Developer - Cellnex Ireland

Access to communications

Cellnex carries out numerous digitalisation and modernisation activities for society, by providing infrastructure, participating in events or working with various foundations.

Get connected in Ireland

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all the importance of connectivity. The ability to work, study or simply communicate with family or friends is taken for granted in major towns and cities across Ireland. However, for many small communities located across rural Ireland mobile coverage remains a serious issue which needs to be addressed.

Over the past five years, Cellnex Ireland has supported its customers, the mobile network operators, in delivering improvements in mobile connectivity in villages and townlands across Ireland which have enhanced the lives of those communities living in the surrounding areas. Cellnex Ireland believes that mobile connectivity should be available no matter where anyone lives.

That’s why Cellnex Ireland launched "Get Connected" on a pilot basis in 2021 as a way of identifying communities who need better coverage and who can come together to support the deployment of services in their area.

Get Connected was established to bring together the power of the local community combined with the expertise of the leading telecoms infrastructure provider in Europe, Cellnex, to ensure the delivery of cost-effective solutions in areas that require improved coverage and connectivity.

Having successfully launched in over nine counties over the past twelve months, today Cellnex Ireland is working with over 30 communities to assess the requirements in their area and to identify and plan the most appropriate solution.

Moreover, Cellnex Ireland has recently deployed the first two solutions in Castletown & Ballyfin, in Co Laois. Locals in these areas can now benefit from enhanced mobile coverage which offers them the connectivity they require in their day to day lives.

Get Connected in Laois County

Laois County Council, acting on issues raised by communities around the county, highlighted to Cellnex Ireland additional areas facing a lack of mobile coverage and connectivity. One of the areas identified was Vicarstown, a small village in County Laois. A detailed site survey was undertaken by Cellnex to identify the optimal location that would provide the necessary improvement in mobile coverage. Following a successful planning application, the site was developed by Cellnex in late 2021 and a slim line street work solution was deployed. It now boasts two Mobile Operators (Three Ireland & Vodafone Ireland) providing significantly improved mobile connectivity to the residents and businesses of Vicarstown and surrounding areas. The new services will be a significant boost to local residents, sports clubs and businesses.

Cellnex Ireland is helping to connect community and voluntary groups

In partnership with Cellnex Ireland, Ballyhoura Development has developed a testbed of numerous sensors and IoT applications and integrated them with the Cellnex SmartBrain Platform to better understand how this technology can be used by community and voluntary groups, charities and sports clubs that are active in rural and urban areas.

Women in Tech in Poland

Every responsible employer should provide women with opportunities to develop and improve their own skills. That is why Cellnex has implemented long-term inclusiveness programmes at the company, such as #ADPWomen, enabling women to realise their potential to perform managerial roles.

In this regard, Poland is becoming the focus of discussions about the technological future of the world and the role women are to play in it. The Women in Tech event in Warsaw was an example of how to make effective use of the enormous potential for leadership skills that lies hidden in women. The Cellnex Poland team attended the event, where Adesola Ajibola gave an excellent speech on the main stage. She presented her inspirational story of breaking barriers and tearing down glass ceilings.

UK Community Relations

The Strategic Priority "Being a Facilitator of Social progress", in the Cellnex ESG Master Plan, identifies an action to create materials to explain to the public that 5G networks are designed to minimise power and they use a new, advanced and highly efficient radio architecture resulting in optimised levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

In April 2020, a survey launched by the UK regulator Ofcom found that 50% of respondents had seen false or misleading statements about 5G. In this regard, the Cellnex UK team want to raise awareness of the benefits of 5G, provide opportunities for the public to self-educate on this topic, address public concerns and demystify and communicate its business responsibility to minimise risk and disruption to its business infrastructure, customer delivery and growth. This is done through a clear Communication and Action Plan based around education, information, process, best practice, partnerships and duty of care.

Y-med Programme in Italy

In 2022 Cellnex Italy participated in the Y-med Programme, a programme that provides internship paths, organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for recent graduates and undergraduates from Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. The project is co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of promoting circular migration pathways and fostering the circulation of skills in the Mediterranean region.

IOM begins supporting the selected young people in the months before their departure for Italy with an intensive Italian language course and training on topics such as interculturalism and adapting to a new cultural context. Cellnex also took part in orientation sessions on managing cultural diversity in business.

When the internship ends, participants are assisted by IOM in their home countries to obtain job placements with local companies.

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