Integrated Annual Report

3.2 Culture - Empowering our people

Growing together as people, as a team, as partners, and also as a society

Cellnex Culture

  • Cellnex’s promotes a constructive culture, with a human approach, fostering results-oriented teams in a collaborative and cohesive working environment.
  • The company builds diverse teams and ensures equal opportunities for everyone. Cellnex trusts all its employees and makes their voices heard. An inclusive culture is key to achieving this.
  • The company fosters an organisation and ways of working that promote collaboration and empowerment
  • The company promotes performance culture; the way Cellnex works, the goals set and achieved and how teams and individual contributions are managed and rewarded.

Cellnex achieves all these aspects through a broad, ambitious People Strategy, with specific programmes to boost professional development. Cellnex creates a work environment where everyone can contribute the best of themselves.

Sense of purpose and belonging

When employees have a clear idea of how their work relates to company goals, motivation doubles. When each person's work is linked to the company's purpose, employees understand why their work is important.

For this reason, Cellnex spearheads and implements engagement plans across Cellnex aligned with the Corporate Culture built on the values that best define the company and its employees. The company fosters and supports the Cellnex team to drive constant change by generating a sense of belonging, pride and shared purpose, impacting the business through people's commitment.

Growing together

Employee Value Proposition - Pillars
    Smart working
    Professional Excellence

Cellnex shares a common purpose: endless opportunities to bring the world closer through telecom connectivity.

This vision is made real through its ‘Growing Together’ culture. To showcase this concept, Cellnex presented the Growing together campaign, bringing together and vitalising its culture, purpose and values, and it also deploys the attributes of its Employee Value Proposition (EVP), developed to communicate both internally and externally the attributes that make Cellnex a great place for everybody to work and grow. These attributes were defined thanks to the participation of over 400 employees.

The "Growing together" motto represents Cellnex’s commitment to deliver on its promises, contributing to sustainable solutions for its customers and society, acting with integrity and fostering a team where diversity is a strength, with its entrepreneurial spirit driving innovative services for its customers.

Magical Christmas

On 13 December 2022 all Cellnex employees took part in Magical Christmas, an online event where they enjoyed a special occasion virtually as a group. This event brought all 12 countries together for an end-of-year celebration and the CEO gave a speech.  Major emphasis was placed on Cellnex values as the glue that makes Cellnex stronger and unique.

Cellnex Austria

The Cellnex Austria team made the most of the good weather and celebrated their joint successes after work.

Cellnex Denmark

In June 2022, Cellnex Denmark celebrated an “Away Day”. There were professional reports in the form of news about the business and the various teams and round tables, but it was also an opportunity for a lot of team building with activities like a mini golf tournament, dressed in identical Cellnex shirts printed with the mantra #growingtogether.

Cellnex Spain

The Inventory and Back-Office Operations team held an E-Sports session and took on the role of gamers for a day, testing their strategy, ingenuity, global vision and their ability to change mindset. In addition, the session was used to share objectives and talk about cross-cutting issues.

The People & Organisation Spain team held an extended meeting to review goals, and give visibility to projects led by team members. Moreover, on this occasion, in addition to work issues, there was a team building session allowing everyone to test their racing skills.

A meeting of the Steering Committee is held annually for alignment, sharing and recognition and to continue building trust and cohesion in the management team. In 2022, it was held in Montserrat, where, in addition to the usual items on the agenda, an external speaker, Marcos Urarte, spoke about geostrategy, geoeconomics and geopolitics and their impact on organisations. There was also a group visit to the Cellnex-Montserrat Centre.

Cellnex France

Cellnex France employees organise a friendly sports break every week to strengthen team spirit and bonds between employees.

Cellnex France employees hold a summer camp together. This was organised to allow teams to meet, have fun and bond in a non-professional environment. There was also an opportunity during a plenary session to discuss a variety of topics related to the activity and goals of Cellnex France, as well as corporate social responsibility and employee commitment.

Cellnex Ireland

On 22 November the Cellnex Ireland team visited Cellnex Headquarters in Barcelona for three days, primarily to talk about strategy, business and culture, as well as to share thoughts as a team and value the importance of growing as one.

Cellnex Italy

Cellnex Italy employees ran alongside Susan G Komen as they participated in the Race For The Cure, together with 50,000 supporters in the heart of Rome, to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention and counteract the delays caused by the pandemic

Cellnex Netherlands

At Cellnex Netherlands, three teams competed in an outdoor “Money Heist” escape room in the heart of Utrecht.

At Cellnex Netherlands employee engagement is of key importance. A battery of activities are organised under the “Growing Together” plan. A cultural lunch was organised at the office with over 12 nationalities represented. Everyone had the chance to discover delicious home-made traditional national dishes brought by their colleagues.

Cellnex United Kingdom

Cellnex UK has four offices across the UK and five in-person Roadshows were held across the offices to enable people to connect – a combination of information and fun team building. The year ended on a high, with the entire company descending on Manchester for a wonderful Christmas celebration, with everyone resplendent in their evening finery.

Cellnex Portugal

Cellnex Portugal organized an offsite of two days in Peniche with various activities for collaborators, such as Team Building, Presentations and Dinner.

Cellnex Poland

Four teams from Cellnex Poland took part in the 17th #PlayWithFriends Regatta in Rewa. The event was attended by 116 participants with one of Cellnex Poland’s teams taking 4th place in the general classification.

Twenty-three Cellnex Poland representatives participated in the RUNMAGEDDON race, where a wall of tyres, barbed wire and a path through a peat bog were just some of the obstacles that the Cellnex Poland team had to overcome on the 12-kilometre track.

Cellnex Switzerland

In September 2022, Cellnex Switzerland celebrated its 5th anniversary with a Cellnex Boat BBQ trip on Lake Zurich, where they held an after-work dinner and a "summer event", among others.

Cellnex Sweden

Cellnex Sweden team members established a new regular initiative at the Stockholm office: a monthly meeting and pub evening. These events are partially a team building activity in both a formal and an informal way. During the monthly meeting, the team shared information and focused on various people and functions in the organisation, bringing the team closer together. For the monthly pub evening, everyone was welcome to share ideas and themes; so far they have had Oktoberfest, a sports pub and a Halloween theme with different activities.

Everyone is a leader

Cellnex knows that each and every person creates value and makes a difference whatever their role is, regardless of their job title or level.

For this reason, Cellnex has built a Leadership Model by four main pillars:

  • Leader as a coach
  • Transformational leader
  • Inspirational Leader
  • Operational Leader

This model drives all people decisions such as: Assesment, Development and reward.

The company belives that spread leadership is ke to succeed, so promotes  the mindset of " everyone is a leader". It also promotes sustainable leaders who are aware of the importance of keeping the right balance between organisational and people perspectives in the short and long term. As such, care is taken to ensure a dynamic balance between these various leadership dimensions.

Cellnex provides performance support for their development while fostering appreciation and engagement.

Cellnex strongly believes that its Key Success Factor is to continuously grow the company, its teams and colleagues and, consequently, its business.

To reaffirm this, Cellnex has implemented a Holistic Performance Management Model, embedded and aligned with the Group's Leadership Model and Values, to connect people's development to performance:

Holistic Performance Management:

Goal Setting

  • Common, challenging and smart goals


  • Combining What & HOW
  • What: the results achieved
  • How: Cellnex' leadership model in action


  • IDP for everyone to unleash everyone's potential

Pay for performance

  • Reward each individual considering overall results (what and how), securing fairness and keeping market competitiveness.

(More details at 3.4 chapter)

Entrepreneurial spirit

Thanks to Cellnex’s entrepreneurial spirit, the company enables new connectivity solutions and accelerates new technologies, creating disruptive models in all business areas to offer a state-of-the-art service to its customers. Cellnex places emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in its team, as Cellnex DNA. Cellnex is creating a culture where people can feel secure and supported to try and propose new ideas, think outside the box and stay one step ahead.

Cellnex Spain shares its Agile best practices

Agility is the organisational capability to understand, adapt and respond to a dynamic environment. In a fast-changing world and in the context of a Brittle-Anxious-Non-Linear-Incomprehensible chaotic environment, Cellnex is promoting the Agile way of working, as the Agile mindset fully complements the Smart Working Culture fostered by Cellnex.

In July 2022 Cellnex Spain presented its Agile best practices at the Global People Meeting. Some of the identified benefits of the Agile methodology are: it fosters proactivity; it aids efficient time management in meetings; the team works in a constructive mindset; and it enables continuous value delivery. In addition, working in short iterations allows for flexibility to adapt to changes when necessary.

Active listening culture

Cellnex has implemented an Active listening culture in all the countries where it operates to measure KPIs and identify improvements with its regular Employee Engagement survey, linking the results and validation with the short and long-term remuneration of each department head.

Cellnex measures KPIs in four dimensions of its People Strategy: Engagement, Strategic Focus, Diversity & inclusion and Well-being

Cellnex measures KPIs in four dimensions of its People Strategy: Engagement, Strategic Focus, Diversity & Inclusion and Well-being.

Cellnex promotes a feedback culture, enabling fluid, dynamic communication between the team, optimising the employee’s voice as a permanent channel of improvement, ensuring that everyone can contribute their vision to improve processes and results.

Cellnex fosters a feedback culture through training programmes in a way that allows its employees to develop and engage, boosting its high performance culture.

In 2022 all Cellnex countries took part in the Employee Engagement survey, while in 2021 it was only open to employees from seven countries (Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom) and Corporation employees, as the remaining countries were in integration phase. In this regard, more than 2,000 colleagues (73% of all employees) participated in 2022.

Listening to everyone's voice helps Cellnex to gather a variety of situations in Cellnex. On the other, it is worth emphasising the very solid results in strategic focus and diversity and inclusion, which are strengths throughout the company. These results will be the basis used to define further action plans in 2023.

2022 Pulse survey - Overall results (%)

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