Integrated Annual Report

2022 main actions and KPIs

Follow-up of the ESG Master Plan targets

Updated the Human Rights, Global Risk Management, and Procurement Policies

New Whistleblowing Channel launched

2022 Annual Corporate Governance Report has been prepared in free format for the first time

Code of Ethics updated considering the company growth

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee received an ad hoc training course on ESG

Expanded the scope of the Global Integrated Management System to all Business Units

Improved the overall score in the sustainability ratings, reaching all-time highs

Diverse balance in the composition of the Board of Directors in terms of gender, origin and expertise

New Global Risk Committee established

Included in the 2023 Sustainability Yearbook as Industry Mover

  • Strong organic growth and financial performance: 6% new PoPs vs. FY 2021 and strong progress on BTS programs with like-for-like Opex performance significantly below inflation
  • 73% of independent Directors, 55% of female Directors and 7 nationalities represented
  • 100% of the Board of Directors with ESG capabilities and/or expertise
  • 22 meetings of the Board of Directors, with an attendance of 97.47%
  • 4 main channels to access to the Whistleblowing Channel
  • 100% of the Business Units certified with ISO 14064 (Carbon Footprint)
  • +8 points of improvement in S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) 2022

2022 – another year of delivery: new entrants generating organic growth, key contracts (Telefónica, RTVE) renewed and successful integrations executed

Next steps for the upcoming years

Carry out an awareness campaign on the updates in ethics and compliance

New outlook set for 2023 while 2025 outlook has been reiterated:

  • Free Cash Flow for the year ended 31 December 2023 is targeted to trend to neutral
  • Adjusted EBITDA is expected to increase to between EUR 2,950 million and EUR 3,050 million by 2023

Update the Global Quality Master Plan for the next period of application

Deployment of the Business Continuity Management System in the remaining Business Units

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