Integrated Annual Report

2022 main actions and KPIs

Follow-up of the ESG Master Plan targets

Nine integrations developed during the year

Double Materiality analysis carried out aligned and in advance to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Integration process upgraded and update of the Integration Playbook

Consolidation of operational processes to guarantee service level agreement and network evolution for the anchor tenant

Billing Industrial Model analysis carried out for the whole Group

The new corporate website was launched to make it more accessible, multi-country, multi-language and multi-device


Carried out numerous projects of connectivity solutions in all countries where Cellnex operates

  • Portfolio of 110,830 sites located in 12 European countries
  • 90.4% of the revenues from Telecom Infrastructure Services (TIS), 6.4% from Broadcasting Networks and 3.2% from Network Services and others
  • 14 innovation projects were carried out
  • 4.17 millions of euros invested in the development, testing and launch of new products
  • 9 top material topics and 4 medium material topics identified as a result of the double materiality analysis
  • ESG Master Plan performance of 100% progress in planning and 93% progress in implantation of the 2022 actions

Next steps for the upcoming years

Integrate new potential types of integration projects into the Integration Playbook

Focus on anchor client demands and increase business on current assets

Update the priority SDGs for the company aligned with the ESG Master Plan mid-term review Plan

Update the relationship model with stakeholders

From 2023 all employees will integrate ESG-linked remuneration within its group and/or country targets

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