Integrated Annual Report

3.4 Driving efficiency and performance

"At Cellnex, we not only care about what we do, but how we do it. And the way we achieve our objectives makes us unique and competitive. It helps us to improve, empowering our talents, and conduct business in a way that ensures long-term, positive relationships with our Customers. I am honoured to be part of this culture"

Malgorzata Rozwalka, People Director - Cellnex Poland

Cellnex believes that lifelong learning and improvement is a determining factor in continuously adapting to the challenges of the market. Developing the team's skills and fostering programmes to attract new specialist talent ensure a sustainable path of growth for the company.

Cellnex promotes development for all with a focus on business needs, improving its talent density by unlocking everyone’s growth potential.

  • Cellnex builds winning teams with Growing Spirit.
  • Cellnex attracts diverse talent, offering equal opportunities and growth.
  • Cellnex rewards people competitively and drives retention with a long-term value approach and a strong career proposition.
  • Cellnex has a lifelong learning mindset. Cellnex encourages everyone to be at their best. Cellnex collaborates, shares and innovates.

Cellnex’s Talent Mission is to develop the Corporate Talent Strategy, process and methodology to ensure that it attracts, develops and retains the right talent in the right place and the highest levels of engagement elsewhere.

Cellnex develops its talent with a focus on current business needs while also unlocking their growth potential. It builds its own future leaders with deep assessment, relevant Individual Development Plans and solid succession plans. Cellnex encourages all employees to drive their development, together with their manager and with the support of the People Department, There are 2,140 people with an active individual development plan.

Holistic Performance management

As mentioned before Cellnex has implemented a Talent system to review existing talent and identify people with potential to continue growing. In 2022 Cellnex reviewed more than 730 people.

This is the way Cellnex integrates its performance culture with the Strategic Plan and its new purpose and values.

Because Cellnex can only achieve its full potential if the company adopts a model allowing it to embrace individual goals, which must interact and strengthen each other to reach company goals and objectives. This is Cellnex’s Holistic Performance Management (HPM) model.

The principles of the Holistic Performance Management model are:

  • Driving results and individual contributions.
  • Accountability, Empowerment and Trust.
  • Continuous Feedback.
  • Internal Equity and Market competitiveness.
  • Differentiating according to contributions.
  • Paying for performance.
The main goal of the Remuneration Policy is to attract, retain and motivate talent so that the Company can meet its strategic objectives

HPM involves continuous development of Cellnex’s people, aligning the leadership style to its purpose, values and DNA and combining it with achieving results. This new Model holistically measures employees’ performance by valuing their individual contribution, assessing not only results butsi si, also how they have been obtained - the leadership model in action.

Leadership model: It considers how Cellnex embodies the four pillars of leadership:  Operational, Coaching, Transformational and Inspirational.

It aligns with the company’s strategy, values and culture.

The main goal is to ensure that Cellnex achieves its business goals with every employee aligned and focused on the activities that bring the most value to the company.

Cellnex fosters performance, rewarding employees according to their contribution to the business and linking results with compensation, thereby actively promoting a performance culture.

Reward and remuneration

The main goal of the Remuneration Policy is to attract, retain and motivate talent so that the Company can meet its strategic objectives within the increasingly competitive and internationalised framework in which it conducts its activity, establishing the most appropriate measures and practices for this purpose.The general principles that underpin the Remuneration Policy are as follows:

Alignment with Company strategy and stakeholders' interests

Lining up the interests of employees with those of shareholders, linking a significant part of the total remuneration to Company results and the creation of long-term value for shareholders.

Variable remuneration combines financial and business targets with the achievement of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in line with the Cellnex ESG Master plan. As such, in 2023 all employees will integrate a component of ESG-linked metrics into group and/or country targets, which complement individual ones.


Employees' compensation must be competitive to boost engagement, which is achieved by establishing a remuneration package in line with market standards, taking comparable sectors and companies into consideration. That is why compensation and benefits benchmarks are conducted regularly by a specialist consulting firm (Willis Towers Watson).

In 2022 Cellnex did a Perks & Benefits Benchmark & Audit to have review the benefits currently offered, including statutory and mandatory requirements, along with the market practice in each country. Mercer it gives recommendations to define and harmonise benefits across organisations in line with local markets and trends.

Remuneration must be sufficient to attract and retain the talent desired by the Company. All compensation elements are maximised to support employees' journey and secure business results.


  • Annual salary review – paying for performance according to merit and the market
  • Short-Term Incentive Plan – rewarding achievement of annual business objectives
  • Benefits – retaining employees


  • Long-Term Incentive Plan – retaining potential and key talent
  • Lump Sum – recognising special contributions on ad hoc basis

Equity and Fairness

Cellnex has a job levelling system that defines job levels across the company, taking account of the responsibilities, scope, qualifications, experience and profile required for each job, which brings consistency and is key to defining compensation levels.

Individual remuneration must be consistent and fair, taking employees' level of responsibility, qualifications and results into consideration.

One of the key pillars of Cellnex's compensation strategy is equal pay, which is also aligned with Cellnex values: equal pay ensures fairness in remuneration based on the level of responsibility, leadership and performance within the organisation, helping to retain key professionals and attract the best talent.

Associated with Cellnex's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion commitments, Cellnex conducts regular gender pay analyses to guarantee equal opportunities and rewards across the company. Every year it performs a global analysis to ensure equity and fairness using the Willis Towers Watson methodology.  

Pay for performance

Pay for performance means linking pay to the achievement of financial, business and value creation, aligned with Cellnex's corporate interests. The Holistic Performance Management model that was defined in 2022 links people's performance to their remuneration, by making “what” they achieve as important as “how” they achieve it.

In short, this Remuneration policy, along with the Holistic performance management model, supports the strategic principles defined above by ensuring:

  • An integrated and consistent Reward Model.
  • Internal Equity and Competitiveness.
  • Differentiation according to contribution.
  • Payment for performance.

Talent Academy

Through the Talent Academy, Cellnex fosters people's growth and engagement, offering a holistic and comprehensive development package in line with its business strategy, needs and culture.

Cellnex aims to provide constant development for all employees in each of their areas of interest so they can grow and improve as professionals

Cellnex aims to provide constant development for all employees in each of their areas of interest to grow and improve as professionals every day.

The Talent Academy connects the three pillars of Cellnex in every development programme to promote corporate culture, leadership, and equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

It offers specific learning tools in three main areas: Inclusive Leadership, Smart Working and the Women Acceleration Development Programme (32 women were impacted this year, along with their managers, and an internal mentor was assigned).

Cellnex has conducted 18 workshops on Inclusive Leadership. More than 1,227 people have participated and 76% of managers (223 out of 295) took part in a pulse survey that provided a picture of where the company is in terms of Inclusive Leadership. The score was 3,9 (3,84 Global benchmark top quartile).

There is also a programme that launches monthly "smart challenges", meaning that training in Empowerment, Efficiency and Collaboration is offered every month.

Moreover, the Leadership Academy provides mentoring programmes and tools to promote the habits, effectiveness and trust outlined in the leadership models that define Cellnex’s culture.

The Expertise Academy harnesses Cellnex's most important value, the great specialist knowledge of each member. It promotes the transfer of expertise within the team to renew and adapt to the challenges of the company’s business. In this regard, Cellnex has a Young Talent Intercompany Programme, providing young participants with mentorship and shadowing.

Mentoring programmes

There are 60 mentors assigned in various programmes and investment was also made in Coaching (90 participants, 299 hours).

Linkeding learning

Cellnex provides a LinkedIn training platform for employees, so that each employee can train themselves. It also offers Leadership and Management training to all employees.

“Our initiative “knowledge transfer”, where we trained employees without technical background about actual topics (FRMCS, Evolution 2G–5G …) was very successful and more than 50% of the company participated. The feedback was positive and the idea will be used for other countries. Very proud to be part of this team!.”

Daniel Domínguez, Customer & Network Projects - Cellnex Switzerland

Women Acceleration Development Programme

A seven-month programme that impacts the entire ecosystem, providing participating 32 women with mentoring and coaching, along with development workshops. Training is also provided for their managers and their assigned  mentors, fostering development and gender equality.

Cellnex MBA Programme

The Cellnex MBA enables participants to address the complex global realities of the environment in which Cellnex operates, incorporate tools to manage and implement strategies in a variety of business areas and develop a project that reflects the knowledge acquired. In 2022, 20 employees from nine countries (15 men and five women) took part.

Inclusive Leadership Programme

1,227 people took part in the Inclusive Leadership Programme. 18 workshops and masterclasses were held. An Inclusive Leadership score of 3.90 (3.84 is the Global Top Quartile Benchmark) was obtained through the leadership pulse survey.

Training Management & Leadership

291 people have benefited through 3,956 hours of training, from the corporate Leadership Paths, which have been created to foster leadership, aligned with Cellnex' culture. There are different itineraries for all organizational levels, to better accompany each one at every moment of their professional life.

Expertise Academy - Training hours

Total hours dedicated to training



Safety in the workplace


Human Rights






Quality and IMS


In 2022 the total number of training hours were 66,730 (44,389 in 2021), impacting 3,003 people - 99.5% of Cellnex employees. The average of training time per employee was 22.1 hours in 2022 (15.4 hours in 2021).

Ignición project

In 2017 Cellnex Spain launched the Ignición project, an initiative with the primary goal of developing young talent through continuous mentoring and a number of complementary activities during their university work placements at the company.

In 2022, Cellnex went one step further by setting out its commitment to Dual Vocational Training in the education and business spheres as a lever for growth, focusing on higher level vocational training courses (CFGS) in Telecommunications Facilities. And in 2023, Cellnex will reaffirm its commitment to Dual Vocational Training, as part of the Ignición Project, expanding its collaboration with other establishments in the peninsula where Telecommunications Facilities CFGS or Electronics CFGS are taught, with four scholarships in Spain.

Technology session

In 2022 and during 2023, four workshops will be held under the umbrella of the "technology sessions" project at Cellnex Switzerland to delve into topics such as DAS, Evolution 2G-5G, introduction into FRMCS, and Basic Telecom equipment.

Cellnex takes part in the largest job and internship events for students and graduates

Cellnex's strength is its people, who are experts in their fields. Thanks to them, Cellnex can develop and its employees can learn from each other, which is why the company is striving to make Cellnex a great place to work. And this message must also be made clear to future generations of Cellnex employees, which is why the company takes part in various job fairs for students and graduates, such as the Absolvent Talent Days event in Poland. The initiative allows young talents to connect with employers.

Cellnex: a place to grow

A great place to work is a place with high levels of trust between managers and employees, with open communication and excellent working conditions and development opportunities. A place where people count and their voice is heard, they feel safe and respected and, consequently, they're proud to be part of the company. Developing a Cellnex team that is proud to belong and promoting external recognition of this culture create the ideal conditions to attract and retain talent. Cellnex is creating a place that everyone can call home.

Cellnex implements this strategy in these main areas: Culture & purpose; Well-being; Smart working; Career progression; and Competitive compensation.

Smart working

The company fosters a culture of self-leadership, effectiveness and collaboration. Cellnex drives efficiency to obtain more impact with less effort, providing the IT tools and time management habits to do so. Cellnex works in a collaborative environment, meaning that your point of view is enriched by that of your colleagues. Teamwork makes the company stronger to face new challenges.

Cellnex has smart workplaces that foster these ways of working and promote flexibility: your workplace is wherever you are, your work adapts to your pace and Cellnex integrates remote working in a natural way.

Smart working

A mindset based on 3 pillars:




Work smarter, not harder

More impact, less effort

Cellnex keeps growing together

Fostering a culture of trust through leadership, accountability, autonomy, flexibility and engagement.

Agility, IT Tools, Processes, Time Management, Golden rules, Digital disconnection

Creating a collaborative, project-based culture with a human approach, facilitated by a smart workplace

Cellnex Spain recognised for its commitment to the Smart Working project

Within the framework of the Smart Working project, Cellnex Spain has designed a strategy of monthly challenges to provide its employees with information on the methodology and benefits of Smart Working. The project team have provided videos, shared recommended readings and sent out newsletters with useful information on the subject. Thanks to the effort made by Cellnex Spain, these have been recognised by the Corporation as Best Practices in implementing the Smart Working project.

Office Manager

Cellnex has a tool, Office Manager, that contributes to have more flexible and dynamic workplaces and facilitates users daily experience. Is a digital solution and web application to manage in a more efficient and intelligent way the spaces, facilities and services of its offices. Office Manager main functionalities are: desk booking, parking slot booking, incidence management, visits management, etc

New offices Poland

The opening of the new HQ offices in Warsaw in October is a significant milestone in Cellnex Poland process of consolidation and growth of the company and to closer integrate their teams that had been working in different cities, offices and coworking spaces for several months. The 4.400sqm office aims to become a space for collaboration with colleagues and customers. The most appreciated by the 350 employees working there is the effort put on designing comfortable and "home a like" spaces, the greenery outside the building and the great communication via all means of transport.

Social dialogue

Cellnex encourages dialogue with its employees and their legal representatives, such as works councils, employee representatives and H&S Committees, duly informing, consulting and negotiating with them. There is also an email and an application on the corporate intranet to allow all Cellnex people to report any situation in which worker safety may be compromised.

Thanks to the fruitful and intense dialogue that is constantly maintained between the management of the company and the workers' representatives, in 2022 there were no legal claims by employees or any disputes involving workers' legal representatives at any of the Business Units in the Cellnex Group. The percentage of workers under collective bargaining agreement is 60%. The countries where there is collective bargaining exists are shown in the following table. Consolidated data refers to all employees in these countries:

Collective agreements

99 %

100 %

100 %

60 %

Cellnex Austria

Cellnex Denmark

There are no workers' committees because the number of employees is below the minimum established by law, meaning that there is no obligation to have a committee. However, workers can set up a committee if they choose to. Moreover, there are regular team meetings and one-to-one meetings between the managing director and employees. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is of 3 months.

Cellnex Spain

As regards employees' representatives, in the case of Retevisión I S.A., there are currently five union branches: CCOO, STC, SI, USO and CSIF. In addition, there is a company level works council representing all employees and union branches. The members of the company level works council are, in turn, staff delegates.

Social dialogue is carried out through the Retevisión company level works council, which is made up of 12 members. There is also ongoing dialogue with the three works councils at Retevisión, namely:

  • Madrid Works Council, with nine members.
  • Barcelona Works Council, with nine members.
  • Valencia Works Council, with five members.

At Tradia Telecom SA, there are currently three union branches: CCOO, USO and SI. Social dialogue is conducted through the Tradia company level works council, made up of nine members. There is also close dialogue with the Barcelona Works Council.

At both Retevisión I S.A. and Tradia Telecom S.A., there is ongoing dialogue with the various staff delegates at workplaces where no works councils exist. There are also several committees comprising workers' legal representatives and company management. For example, the Employment Committee, Social Action Committee, Company-Level Health and Safety Committee, etc.

At OnTower, in Torre Llevant Center (Barcelona), there is one trade union representative.

The companies Cellnex Telecom, SA, Cellnex Telecom España, SA, Cellnex Finance Company, XOC, Bitnap, ZENON and Adesal do not currently have workers' representatives.

At Cellnex Spain, Management and Employee Representatives at Retevisión, Tradia and On Tower agreed on a voluntary redundancy plan in December 2021 to adapt the organisation to the evolving business model. The agreement will be in force for the period 2022-2025.

The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes  is as established in each of the collective agreements.

Cellnex France

In France there are two committees, made up of 24 people who meet bimonthly and address issues such as working time, health and safety, salaries, benefits and health care. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is varies depending on the situation.

Cellnex Netherlands

A works council with five employee representatives was established in September 2022. Meetings between the Works Council and management take place bimonthly. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is typically one month.

Cellnex Ireland

In Ireland there are three representatives on the Committee, which meets once a quarter. Some of the topics discussed by the Committee relate to incidents that have occurred, risk assessments, training, etc. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is typically one month.

Cellnex Italy

In 2022 Cellnex Italy agreed with the National Trade Unions that the previous Workers' Representatives from CKHNI would also be involved in dialogue and meetings after the merger. All the main unions now have branches (CGIL, CISL, UIL and USB) with eight colleagues. Cellnex Italy has a ongoing relationship with the workers' safety representative (RLS) to discuss and solve issues of all kinds and strive for continuous improvement focusing on excellence in health and safety at the company. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is four weeks.

Cellnex Poland

In Poland the Committee has eight members and meetings are held at least once a quarter, during working hours. The topics covered revolve around health and safety training, including training for employees who work at heights, medical examinations, work accidents, and health and safety services. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is four weeks.

Cellnex Portugal

There are no workers' committees. However, workers can set up a committee if they choose to. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes varies depending on the situation. There is one Health and Safety committee with three employees that met once in 2022.

Cellnex United Kingdom

Cellnex UK has a Colleague Board (CCB), which aims to represent the opinions and ideas of company colleagues regarding any changes and major decisions involving personnel. The CCB adopts a "two-way approach", meaning that sometimes it consults colleagues on proposals and on other occasions it puts forward comments or/and new ideas. There are two health and safety committees that meet quarterly. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is four weeks

Cellnex Sweden

In 2022, there are no workers' committees as the number of employees is lower than the minimum established by law, meaning that there is no obligation to have a committee. Nevertheless, a local workers' council will be established in 2023. There is one Health and Safety committee with three employees that met once a month in 2022 to address topics such as risk assessment and training. The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is varies depending on the situation

Cellnex Switzerland

There are no workers' committees but nevertheless, the employer provides information, consultation and co-decison to the employee at all times in accordance with the Participation Act, Art. 3. Right to representation. Cellnex Switzerland was member of a natiional Health and Saftey commitee with 14 representatives that met three times in 2022 to update the SUVA telecom guideline The minimum period notice prior to the implementation of significant operational changes is varies depending on the situation.

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