Integrated Annual Report

2022 main actions and KPIs

Follow-up of the ESG Master Plan targets (1)

Committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 and net-zero by 2050

Included in the CDP Climate Change ‘A List’

Publication of the second Environment and Climate Change Report

Green energy targets achieved in 2022 within the Energy Transition Plan

The ESG strategy is reinforced in 2022 with the update of the 2023-2025 Environment and Climate Change strategy, which has been redefined to reduce, offset and neutralize environmental and climate impacts in Cellnex's value chain

Update the Life Assessment Cycle Project through the Eco-design project

Climate Change Adaptation Plan developed

Natural Capital analysis to assess the impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities carried out

Implementation of the environmental and emission reduction requirements under the company's new procurement risk management model

  • 558,011 tCO2e total GHG emissions in 2022
  • 3,212 tCO2e offset by acquiring CER (certified emission reductions) credits
  • 77% of renewable energy across all the Business Units
  • Carbon intensity reduction to 5.27 tCO2e/site and 158.26 tCO2e/€Mn
  • 97% achievement rate of the actions outlined in the Strategic Sustainability Plan for 2022
  • 84,428 sites analysed in terms of biodiversity
  • Operating income: 8.27% elegible and 6.89% aligned with the EU Taxonomy
  • Capex: 1.15% elegible and 0.10% aligned with the EU Taxonomy

Next steps for the upcoming years

Reduce the carbon footprint within the net-zero and Science-based Targets commitments

Work on the new EU Taxonomy objectives to be reported in 2024

Implement the actions defined in the Environment & Climate Change strategy for 2023-2025

Promote circular economy though Eco-design initiatives across the business

TNFD framework development to implement the recommendations on Natural Capital

Continue working with its supply chain in the calculation of the carbon footprint to increase data transparency and quality

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