Integrated Annual Report

3.3 Our values

"We are proud to confirm through this bottom up exercise how indeed our values and purpose are already guiding our path and we live them every day. In fact this redefinition has helped us to be much more aware and value the positive impact we have with all our stakeholders."

Arantxa Cid, Global Head of Engagement - Cellnex Corporate

Five shared Values

These five shared values are the foundation that determines how Cellnex works, defines Cellnex’s culture in action, establishes Cellnex’s character as a company and guides the company’s decision-making to offer the best to its people, its customers and society.


Cellnex feels empowered and accountable. The company focuses on solutions and prioritises outcomes over activity. Cellnex takes responsibility.

Cellnex aligns interests to develop innovative solutions that benefit all its stakeholders: its employees, customers, partners, suppliers, communities and investors.

Cellnex strives for innovation and customer satisfaction. The company has a strong customer focus and always concentrates on adding value.

Cellnex is trustworthy and always delivers on its promises. Cellnex is inspiring, clear and specific in its communication.

Cellnex achieves its objectives through a combination of enthusiasm, pragmatism and integrity.


Cellnex is not comfortable staying in the comfort zone. The company takes calculated risks, tries new, innovative solutions and always goes the extra mile.

Cellnex actively engages with its people, customers and stakeholders to uncover, understand and meet their existing and future needs.

Cellnex was born from a disruptive idea, so creativity is in the company’s DNA. Cellnex stays true to its entrepreneurial legacy by constantly learning and improving, and by valuing new ideas.

Cellnex takes ownership and initiative. Cellnex solves every challenge by trusting the company’s ability and expertise.

Cellnex empowers its people and fosters collaboration to ensure every day is a new opportunity to grow together.


Cellnex understands people across cultures and builds productive, long-term, equitable relationships.

Cellnex values, trusts and supports people. The company champions people’s potential and creates a culture where everyone can contribute.

Cellnex seeks different perspectives and values everyone’s point of view. Cellnex creates environments where everyone feels safe to speak up and be heard. The company fosters unity, teamwork and collaboration as One Cellnex Team.

Cellnex challenges its assumptions and makes a habit of asking questions. Cellnex believes in diversity as a key driver for innovation.

Cellnex leads by example. The company is open-minded and adaptable and acts with empathy.


Cellnex sees the good in others and doesn’t judge. Cellnex builds relationships based on trust, autonomy and respect.

The company knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. Cellnex believes that humility should be the foundation of all its interactions.

Cellnex applies the highest ethical standards in all its dealings with stakeholders, in keeping  with its values.

Cellnex shares information openly and proactively. Cellnex communicates with honesty and acts dependably. Cellnex stays true to its word.

Cellnex recognises the power of kindness and credits others for their accomplishments.


Cellnex fosters a strong, collective sense of purpose and a clear vision for the company and the company’s stakeholders.

Cellnex is committed to acting responsibly towards people and the planet to promote the well-being of present and future generations. 

Cellnex acts for the common good and prioritises its shared purpose and values above its own interests. Humbleness is at the core of what Cellnex does.

As a neutral operator, sharing is Cellnex’s identity. Cellnex promotes alliances for positive impact and ensures that everything Cellnex does supports the company’s purpose.

Cellnex advocates sustainability. Cellnex uses its reputation to raise awareness and inspire others to do good.

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