Integrated Annual Report

3.5 Diversity and inclusion

Being diverse and inclusive is one of the strategic pillars of Cellnex’s Environment, Social and Governance Master Plan, whose vision is “Driving telecom connectivity between territories, with a common and inclusive culture, aiming to be part of the solution for society.”

Cellnex’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy establishes guidelines and lines of action in the areas of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion to allow the concept of Diversity to be put into practice and consolidated within Cellnex, communicated to stakeholders and implemented in all the companies.

Cellnex’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plan (EDI) is embedded in the company’s people strategy as a key part of it. EDI brings long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. Integrating Cellnex’s rich diversity and multiple sensibilities and points of view makes the company stronger, because Cellnex firmly believes that diverse teams bring more creativity, innovation and better decision-making, provided they are underpinned by an inclusive environment.

Over recent years, Cellnex has been leveraging EDI as a distinctive added value for Cellnex's purpose, vision and values to drive durable long-term results, demonstrating the company’s strong commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion through inclusive leadership as a lever of change and business sustainability.

People and their diversity are the most important factors impacting Cellnex’s success and performance. Difference and plurality, equal opportunities, non-discrimination and inclusion in the workplace are first-tier strategic factors in the organisation.

It is a priority for Cellnex to create a climate that favours diversity in every respect, with a particular focus on the following areas: gender, age, emotional/sexual, cultural and functional; while also rejecting any kind of discrimination based on these factors that may hinder company growth or impact the selection, retention, development and well-being of the company’s employees.


  • Creating a common corporate culture among the Group.
  • Defining and implementing Cellnex’s equity, diversity and inclusion programme.
  • Promoting and fostering talent attraction and retention.
  • Respecting the health and safety of employees at their workplace.

Cellnex has defined a series of drivers to help to promote specific, measurable initiatives that will bring Cellnex closer to its EDI ambitions.

The first driver is Outside In, which has prompted Cellnex to work on two important pillars, Employer Branding and Talent Attraction Strategy. To strengthen Cellnex's commitment to diversity, it has undergone a series of certifications in EDI with positive results. These notably include the UN Target Gender Equality programme in Spain and Poland, in which Cellnex obtained a positive score of 73%.

In 2022 Cellnex joined the Diversity Charter programme for the first time in Denmark, Poland and Portugal

In addition, in 2022 Cellnex joined the Diversity Charter programme for the first time in Denmark, Poland and Portugal. In Spain, Cellnex joined the Charter initiative three years ago and renewed its commitment in 2022 and Cellnex Italy joined the Sodalitas Diversity Charter in 2020.

Another Driver is awareness, whereby Cellnex underscores its people's commitment to making diversity a driver for the business. A significant number of training hours (8,600) were invested in awareness workshops and campaigns, with more than 650 people taking part. This means that people are deeply interested in learning and growing. In this regard, five countries conducted specific intercultural workshops (over 3,900 training hours) with the aim of better understanding the various ways of working and fostering collaboration.

The next driver is growth, in which Cellnex is making a major investment in promoting talent and developing skills. The last, but not the least, of the drivers is leadership. Cellnex´s senior leaders have renewed their commitment to and support for the EDI Strategy and updated the EDI Leadership Statement. Senior Managers have also introduced regular EDI discussions in their business agenda. In addition, Cellnex has expanded the EDI Champion community, boosting the number of members to 43, across territories and roles.

“It’s a pleasure to work in a Company that takes it’s contributions to promote Equality very seriously. This year we chose to put extra focus on the pride month with internal activities, speeches, and workshops to make sure the important messages about equality for all are repeated, not least when it comes to minorities.”

Morten Ekebjaerg, Country Managing Director - Cellnex Denmark

EDI Champions

The EDI Champions are a group of employees from a variety of countries with different positions, genders and ages who collaborate in implementing and promoting the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plan in the countries where Cellnex operates. Currently there are 43 champions across the Cellnex Group. The team was expanded in 2022 with 12 new champions. The EDI Champions include two recruitment champions who have established the primary goal of evaluating the various aspects of diversity in the Cellnex recruitment process.

Pride month campaign

In June, coinciding with Pride Month, Cellnex carried out actions to celebrate and raise awareness of diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity. This initiative emerged from the well-established Proud to be Proud Connecting Circle. The Company created a list of materials such as books, series and films that focus primarily and/or touch on topics related to the LGTBIQ+ movement and made them available to all its employees. An inclusive language guide was also provided. Another initiative was to set aside six days when employees had to dress in a specific colour of the LGTBIQ+ flag.

Connecting Circles

EDI Connecting Circles, a safe space for connection between employees where they can share, learn and raise awareness, focusing on a specific topic related to diversity, inclusion and personal development. The Circles meet periodically to develop an activity around a specific issue or topic. In 2022 Cellnex launched its second Connecting Circle: Women Empowerment, with the participation of 28 employees. It is also a resource for the Company to launch more awareness-raising actions, such as the Pride Month campaign, designed and led by the Proud to be Proud Circle. Cellnex plans to launch more Connecting Circles in 2023.

Blind CV

To ensure that there is no bias or discrimination, blind CVs are used when recruitment is handled by an external company.

Cellnex featured on Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index for the second consecutive year

The index recognises the company's commitment to advancing gender equality in the labour market by rolling out policies and initiatives to promote women's careers and greater female representation in the organisation

EDI in action

Cellnex Denmark

In 2022 Cellnex Denmark signed the Danish Diversity Charter, a formal document that business stakeholders and workplaces can sign. By signing, Cellnex Denmark officially supports the vision of increasing and engaging diversity in the Danish business community and at Cellnex Denmark. The overall purpose of the Charter is to support businesses and workplaces across the country to work for greater diversity and inclusion in the labour market. There must be space for everyone in the labour market, and the Charter and the decision to sign it must help claim it.

Cellnex Spain

Cellnex has an Equality Plan for its employees in Spain, intended to steadily increase the presence of women in the company, in all positions and responsibilities, guaranteeing equal treatment and opportunities between women and men and preventing sexual harassment and discrimination based on gender, both indirectly and directly. The Equality Plan measures, implemented four years ago, focus on the following areas:

  • Training: Equality training has been provided for all staff.
  • Selection: Indicators have been established in the selection processes to work on equating gender diversity.
  • Flexibility and Work-Life Balance: Action has been taken to improve flexibility and work-life balance by reducing working hours and compacting reduced working hours and through unpaid leave for child care, voluntary leave, leave of absence for child and family care, maternity and other parent leave and marriage leave. The digital disconnection protocol and the Remote Work Agreement were also established.
  • Awareness and understanding: The goal is to raise awareness and understanding of inclusion, diversity, equity, equality and conciliation in the organisation with workshops, seminars, diversity week, renewal of the Diversity Charter, etc.

Cellnex has a protocol against harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity to prevent and eliminate situations of harassment related to gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Cellnex Italy

Cellnex Italy was the very first company in Italy to certify for Gender Equality under the PDR 125 certification, demonstrating leadership in Sustainability. The PDR 125 certification encourages and supports companies to create a work environment that is genuinely more inclusive and non-discriminatory.

Cellnex Poland

Cellnex Poland joined almost 300 Polish companies and signed the Karta Różnorodności (Polish Diversity Charter), coordinated by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu under the aegis of the European Commission.

The Charter is a commitment signed by organisations that decide to ban discrimination in the workplace and act to create and promote diversity. It expresses the company's readiness to involve all its employees and business and social partners in these activities. Organisations that decide to implement this tool work towards social cohesion and equality.

Cellnex Portugal

Cellnex Portugal has signed the Portuguese Diversity Charter, reaffirming its commitment in the areas of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The Charter is a letter of commitment to 10 principles, signed on a voluntary basis without cost by companies and institutions from the same country, whatever their size and sector. By doing so they take on a commitment to promote the key principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.

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